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Because I no long have time to manage this they way I planned..
This is now solely a group for submitting your adorable tadpole children.

So yes! Have fun, submit those cute little butts!










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RinkuSonic41 Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Can Keron Army Club affiliated?
doctor-ciruru Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
((do i must do this???... okey...))
nickname : chiru-chan

real name : chiruru

age : 15

likes : nature, reading,cooking, curing someone thats hurt, cute things and even weird things. also likes FOOD

dislikes : darkness, being alone,and mostly fear of being bullied.

bio : chiruru was once part of the buroro platoon. her mother and father both died when she was little. she was also at the same class as keroro, giroro, zeroro and pururu when she was little. when she was in the buroro platoon they rampage keron. but when they were caught the buroro platoon was sent to earth seperatly so they can no longer damage keron. when she was at earth she was sent to japan and saw giroro. she followed him and sooned became one of the keroro platoon. the flower on her head is actually a sakura flower with 4 petals, zeroro gived her the flower when they are going to seperate so they can remember each other forever<3.

abilities : she can hear the sounds of the plants talking, she also has some fighting moves, the strongest fighting move is chiruru ball and death mode. death mode is a special ability to attack or KILL anyone without having any injuries, she can use it to kill even on her own old platoon. she can also feel the aura of a person thats nearby. she can also cure any injuries accept death with her flower in her head.

Mr-chip Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
( *sigh* why i must do this? oh well... )

nickname: chippy or blueberry.

Real name: chip.

age: ( well...hes my best/most fav OC,so... ) 17

likes: esploring dimensions and planets,sometime support platoon and people who is friend of him,peace,games and...helping pururu.

dislikes: hates,darkness,his foes,people who teasing or flirting pururu,his "worst" nightmare...getting glomped and asked for marriage...karara and...getting butthole by...pururus giant needle.

fave: he does alot of fav songs but...his best 2 songs its... Yuji Ohno - Zenigata March ( rock syle with vocals. ) and...merus song ( aka meru no uta. )

Bio: when he was young,he was working for sooo long until he can join the platoon he wished to join...its the ARMPIT platoon...he worked so hard in trade of losing his own memory of his own family...but hes happy to join that platoon...hes ranked elite medic ( elite = assist people,medic = heal people from battlefield. ) ,the crush...i cannot tell but i can give you only 3 clues: its a she,is a chief and is a medic. if you asking me why chip its in couple with other keronian girls,its just a romance dimension rp,thats it. they are NOT with chip at all. ( that was long bio,correct?<.< )

abilities: as a elite,he has a super form called "super elite",he a bit look a like meru,he can fly in that form,WARNING: that super ability can sacrifices almost all his energy and when the super elite mode its expired overtime,he will be fainted and the super elite helmet and the color of the eyes will be remained but it can be turned to his normal eyes with kululus invention. as the medic,his own medigun ( from tf2.just for the reason i always play that game. ) its usefull for battlefield and heal the peoples wounds. OH! i almost forgot 1 more thing as the elite,as a normal elite,he use his own favourite gun the gundam style scar-l ( you can see from search. ),as his secondary weapon,its a REX revolver,melee its a gundas sword.

( i know its long. hope this work. )
Fishface-TheKeron Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nickname: Fish
Real name: Fishface
Likes: all JUNKFOOD, hugs pokes, fun and games, creeping out his friends, and certain music on certain days
Dislikes: teasing, bullies and hackers, and vegetables and meat
Fave song: Is anybody out there from Nelly Furtado and K'naan
Bio: he was born with a kissy looking face, his parents love him till he ran away, he wandered...not far! Haha! He lives in his treehouse in their backyard, where his mom brings him snacks
Abilities: disappearing during unfortunate times ((naw he just runs away$)
His abilities are swift swimming and aquatic communications !!! Glub!!!
Anitera Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Writer
Nick Name: Airi-chan
Real Name: Airiri
Likes:The sight of blood, fanfiction, music, jellybeans and nightcore!
Dislikes: people telling her what to do, people trying to hurt her friends, just people in general.
Bio: think of the song 'what i've done' by linkin park. (if you know what the song is about, you'll get it)
Abilities: She is capable of using her own form of assassin magic...ex:
Airiri- Assassin magic, burn like fire!
*throws fireball at azumama*
Result: :onfire:
Bud570 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nick Name: Sneakerz
Real Name: Mochuchu
Age: 12
Likes: Hacking into computers (not good at it), Sweets, Sneaking around, Pulling pranks
Dislikes: Getting pranked on, Failing hacking into computers, Veggies, Getting caught grabbing snacks
Bio: (this is optional, you can give a nice long detailed one, something short and sweet, or nothing at all)
Abilities: (Also optional, cause I know some people like giving their orikero super special awesome powers and what not)
TwitchyTeagan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
Nick Name: Berry
Real Name: Buroro
Age: 11
Likes: Muffins,Friends, Adventures,Fun,Ninjas
Dislikes: Meanies. People who make muffins sound like a bad thing.
Bio: I *stole* borrowed the ageifier thing Kururu made in that one episode, and used it on her, just to get into this adorable group. Basically, is a stalker and likes to stalk people she has a crush on, but then claims to be bird watching. She wares a collar, that is like Giroro's belt, and she can't live without it. It carries things inside of it such as weapons, and when she was a child, (Or in this term, at the age she is at now) she would use it to fill it with candy,toys and sometimes her homework. It can also make snacks out of nothing.
Abilities: Collar, nuff said.
GigaBowser9000 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
I'm leaving this group!
Peace haters!
GigaBowser9000 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
Nick Name: Add
Real Name: Kasana
Age: 12
Likes: Math and starring!
Dislikes: Not starring!
Bio: Kasana likes to go outside to stare at random people and tell them answers to addition problems. He talks sometimes for responds. He's pretty much weird.
Abilities: stare!
GigaBowser9000 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
(sry fixed it)
Nick Name: Add
Real Name: Kasana
Age: 12
Likes: Adding and starring!
Dislikes: Not starring!
Bio: Plusoso likes to go outside to stare at random people and tell them answers to addition problems. He talks sometimes for responds. He's pretty much weird.
Abilities: stare!
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